[expand trigclass=”arrowright” title=”Broken registration pins and handle/latch problem?”] Dear Stephen – When I got to Indonesia I couldn’t open the latch on my SEACAM D1X housing, and the black little registration pins inside the housing were broken. I’ll send you the housing when I get home. Help! Jamie. Dear Jamie – Received your housing, but […]

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Hot Shoe pin configuration for Canon 1D/1Ds MKII / 5D and Nikon D2X / D200 digital cameras

In a recent post from Harald Hordosch, designer of the Seacam housing, we have been alerted to some problems users have been experiencing with dual strobes. It has been particularly vexing with the D2X as shooters have had images disappear mysteriously, failing to write to compact flash card. In Harald’s words "We had no problems […]

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