[expand trigclass=”arrowright” title=”Broken registration pins and handle/latch problem?”] Dear Stephen – When I got to Indonesia I couldn’t open the latch on my SEACAM D1X housing, and the black little registration pins inside the housing were broken. I’ll send you the housing when I get home. Help! Jamie. Dear Jamie – Received your housing, but […]

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A Seacam Tool for Freediving

I’m often asked for a camera/housing/lens combination that works for freediving; photographing whales, dolphins or pelagic fish. The optimal optical performance might be with a superdome and the very best view of the groundglass might be with an S180 viewfinder. But, together they are rather big and heavy, with considerable water resistance. Sometimes, it doesn’t […]

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Seacam Polecam Instructions

Option #1 – Polecam triggered through Electronic Monitor: On viewfinder, cord marked “remote” goes into remote socket on camera housing. Inside housing, cord must be plugged from bulkhead to remote socket on camera. On viewfinder, cord marked “monitor” goes to monitor and is plugged into socket marked “camera”. In this scenario camera is triggered by […]

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