Seacam Polecam Instructions

Option #1 – Polecam triggered through Electronic Monitor:

Seacam Polecam with Housing Attached

  1. On viewfinder, cord marked “remote” goes into remote socket on camera housing. Inside housing, cord must be plugged from bulkhead to remote socket on camera.
  2. On viewfinder, cord marked “monitor” goes to monitor and is plugged into socket marked “camera”. In this scenario camera is triggered by button on monitor at upper right. (note that electronic goggles are plugged in here, to monitor socket marked “glasses”.
  3. Seacam Remote Monitor for Polecam

  4. Strobe can be plugged into either synch socket as per normal underwater operation.

Option #2 – Polecam triggered via remote trigger, independent of monitor. Monitor used for electronic view of groundglass only:

SEACAM Polecam Action

SEACAM Polecam Monitor

  1. On viewfinder, cord marked “monitor” goes to socket on monitor marked “camera”.
  2. On viewfinder, socket marked “remote” remains covered by bulkhead cap and is not used.
  3. On housing, the remote bulkhead is hardwired via S6 connector cord directly to polecam trigger. Camera is fired by trigger, not black button on monitor.
  4. Alternatively, polecam trigger can be plugged into electronic monitor socket marked “trigger” if long cord to housing is not to be used. Can eliminate excessive cord entanglement as in photos above.
  5. Strobe can be plugged into either synch socket as per normal underwater operation.

Option #3 – Polecam with remote trigger only:

Stephen Frink with Seacam Polecam

  • Cord goes from remote socket on housing to Seacam trigger unit. The trigger unit slides in hole in polecam designed to operate trigger at 90-degrees from polecam, perfect for thumb or finger actuation. Inside housing pigtail cord has to run from bulkhead to camera’s remote socket.

Precautionary Notes:

  1. Vertical grip handle shown in this illustration is a custom application and not available as an authorized Seacam polecam accessory.
  2. Polecam Action

  3. Use tie wraps or tape to keep all cords from dangling in water when working with sharks. The electrical current through cords combined with proximity to bait can make it VERY LIKELY a shark can bite through any exposed cord, incapacitating system and requiring expensive replacement cords.
  4. When working with aggressive sharks it is a good idea to tether housing or polecam to boat in case it is torn from the photographer’s grip, especially when working in deep water.
  5. In Stephen’s experience, sometimes it is necessary to screw battery all the way into monitor unit, and then back off the thread ever-so-slightly to get proper connection. If battery is fully charged and monitor does not illuminate, this is likely the solution.
  6. We advise dual batteries for heavy polecam shooting with monitor. That way one can be charging while one is in use.

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